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Mini-Newsletter 2.9 May 2013

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PET Affiliate in Zambia expands production site at New Life Center

Just a little update… You may recall my brother, Dan, and his son, Dillon, have come for their first visit to Zambia! We are have a great time, but I’m putting them to work. The New Life Center is building a new workshop for the PET Zambia outreach. This new workshop will allow us to build faster and build more PETs each month. At the moment we are building 50 PETs a month. We are hoping to double that number with this new workshop. It is three time the size of the old workshop. We had the foundation and floor slab in before Dan and Dillon arrived. The next step was to move three shipping container into place as part of the outer walls. We were able to get that done this week! That is a big step towards finishing the workshop. Thank you Dan & Dillon!! Next step will be the roof! Hoping to have that started by the end of the month. There are more pictures on the website.

Keep praying and believing in God’s vision… Faithfully,

Delbert & Sandy




PET MO-Columbia State of PET Address 5/13/13 (excerpts)

Thursday evening the PET MO-Columbia board hosted a wonderful party celebrating all our PET volunteers, including in absentia, Earl, Leona and Rodney Miner, who did basic design for the PET. I gave a talk which our daughter called my "State of the Union address", and want to share in brief outline from that talk:

The World Is Getting Better Every Day and PET is Helping to Make it So!

World View: The world IS getting better every day and in so many, many ways. We have made amazing progress in my 89 years of residency. Polio and the Guinea Worm are the same as gone. Three African countries are about to be certified malaria free. ...

*** We have an AWARENESS we have never had before. We can no longer say that we did not know...
*** We have the logistics to respond...
*** We have the resources in our wealthy country...
*** We have the know-how...
*** ALL WE LACK IS THE WILL! IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO US! *******************************************************
Now, to you PET volunteers:
(1) You have chosen well to volunteer for PET. It meets the needs of the most needy - those who struggle through a life that is degrading, miserable, humiliating, dehumanizing and poverty-stricken.
(2) You make an immediate difference in the lives of recipients. One moment they are crawling upon the ground, often as beggars. They get on a PET and that day life is changed.
(3) You have job security. 21,000,000 persons (WHO) await the gift of mobility.
(4) Your life skills are not wasted. You will NOT go to your grave with your music still half in you.
(5) You are building a legacy. Your children and grandchildren will know of your values. They need to inherit your values more than your valuables.
"Hope is like a road in the country; there never was a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence." Lin Yutang

Mel West, PET co-founder (full post at PET MO-Columbia State of PET Address 5/13/13)



Photos from PET cart distribution in Guinea Bissau

"We continue sharing through the churches and OPDs (Organisations for People with Disabilities). It is great to see the changes that it causes to people. For example last week we discovered two women who have been sitting in their houses for the last ten years. Now they can go out, and are willing to start some business/micro credit."



PET cart provides mobility for land mine survivor in Thailand

Enclosed is a photo of 62 year old Kasern Somnual who lost half his lower left leg in a land mine explosion when he was in the Thai military. If you look closely between his legs you will see his dearly loved dog riding in the PET cart with him. Two years ago Kasem also survived a ruptured cranial blood vessel which left him much weaker and unable to speak clearly. He is well looked after by his devoted wife and was very very grateful for your gift. Kasem lives near Mae Cham, Thailand at the western base of Thailand's highest mountain Doi Inthanon.

Warm regards.

Foundation To Encourage Potential Of Disabled Persons