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PET® International Mini-Newsletter 2.1 September 2012




US Navy’s Project Handclasp delivers 280 PET carts to Cotonou, Benin

Our distribution partner MIERS [Mission Internationale d'Evangelism et de Reveil Spirituel] has sent these photos and words about the recent delivery and distribution of PET carts for the disabled in Benin.

"Amazing how the US Navy and Benin Military joined forces to combat immobility for those who are in need of mobility. It is a great victory for all of US. Thanks guys and PET International, the force behind all of this."

Daslin and Ernest


PET carts distributed at Baptist Medical Centre in Nalerigu, Ghana

Here are photos from Ghana of the PET carts being utilized. They were distributed in both the Nakpanduri area, about 45 minutes from Baptist Medical Centre, and in Nalerigu, the hospital village.

Many of these folks have been almost homebound, or able to get around only with great difficulty. They have different diagnoses; some have cerebral palsy but fairly good use of their arms; some have been paralyzed, due to a fall from a tree (usually women, gathering firewood or fruit for food), or from Pott's Disease, TB of the spine. I think one went to someone who had polio.

There is a need for more; we now have people in both villages who can have the carts assembled and distributed.

Thank you for your wonderful ministry, giving people all over the world more mobility!

God Bless,
Cindy Shumpert MD
VP George Faile Foundation


Rotary Clubs in Panama continue to distribute PET carts to the disabled

"This weekend we donated two more PETs in Panama City. The beneficiaries had lost their legs due to diabetes and bad circulation. They both live from their work on the street, Jose by selling candy and Raul by selling lottery. They were very happy to have received these, as they both had old chairs that could not move them around."


PET photos and excerpt from Zambia newsletter

From Right after the team headed back to Florida, Sandy and I headed to Malawi. We had sent 50 PETs to Malawi a few weeks earlier. This was the first time we had sent PETs to that country. We are working with an organization called KODO. That means “disabled” in the local language. We have done a number of these PET events over the years and I had in mind this would be much like others in the past. I was expecting about a one to two hour event. However, after the sixth hour I knew this was different. And it was truly a wonderful day of celebration in a number of ways. What was so interesting was the way the Founder and Director of KODO, Mr. George Chimpiko, arranged everything. There were people from all kinds of NGO Groups and Government Departments. Look at this list:
• KODO Board Members- Isaac Bondo, Webster Chitsulo, Rodgers Chorwa and Mrs Sthabile Masamba…
• From the Government- Minister Responsible for Persons with Disability and Elderly- Mr. George Mkondiwa (Principal Secretary to the President).
• District Commissioner Traditional Authority Maganga- Mr. Ali Phiri.
• And representing parents of disabled children in Malawi- Mrs. Mirriam Namanja.
• AND a bunch of News Reporters AND the Malawi Television company.
• There were 40 plus disabled people there too. And you would think so because that’s why we were there in the first place…ha!

This is very African to have all your bases covered (if you will) and give everyone a chance to be recognized and say a few words. However, though it was a bit long, it was wonderful!

They asked me too to say a few words, so the evangelist in me came out and I gave a “brief” message. As we gave out the PETs to those KODO had presented, Sandy and I took time to help each one in their PET and lay hands on them and pray for them. This was a very special time, we found out later. We had dinner with the KODO board members that evening. George said to me there, “I have been helping the disabled my whole life (George himself was born with clubbed feet and disabled). I have given out hundreds of normal wheelchairs. But this was the first time I have ever seen or heard someone take time to use that opportunity to speak God’s word and blessings to the disabled, especially touching them as you prayed over them. I was deeply moved.” The other board members made the same kind of remarks. You know, PETs really do say more than “let me help you” to the disabled. They say, “someone loves you AND God loves you too!” This was a very, very special time for the first 50 PET recipients. We will be sending many more into Malawi in the years to come. I want to say right here and now, THANK YOU TO ALL THAT STAND WITH THIS GREAT OUTREACH OF PET ZAMBIA.

We are now back in Zambia at the New Life Center. We have much more work going on. We were able to purchase a bit more land behind NLC so we can extend property lines. The first thing we are going to do is build a NEW PET WORKSHOP. We are building 50 PETs a month right now. The need and vision is to double that to 100. To be honest, I don’t know how we are able to even build 50 in the little shop we have. We have big plans, so please keep praying and supporting. You know, when you exercise if it doesn’t hurt a little bit you’ll never reach your goal. That’s the way it is in ministry and outreach. If the sacrifice doesn’t hurt a bit, nothing will really reach it’s full potential.

Delbert Groves, PET Zambia

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